How much does it cost? How much money do I need to bring?

The cost is FREE for World War II and terminally ill veterans and Korean veterans. You do not need to bring any money, unless you intend to purchase souvenirs.

Are terminally ill World War II veterans given any special priority?

YES! Those veterans go to the top of the list for the next flight departing to Washington D.C. Not only are World War II veterans given this top priority. Terminally ill veterans of any war are also given priority, followed by Korean veterans and Vietnam veterans.

Can my spouse go with me? I am the widow of a World War II veteran; can I go?

Unfortunately, no, unless they are also a veterans. We currently have many veterans waiting for their chance to visit the monuments. As such, we must limit our resources, funding, and available spaces to veterans only.

Can my family meet me at the Memorials in Washington?

Yes, it is the family member(s) responsibility to get there and back. They may meet us at certain locations during our trip. They may not accompany us on the busses, due to limited space

Can my son, daughter, grandson, etc. go as a guardian?

Yes they may apply to be a trip guardian however; our TOP priority is the safety of the veterans. Who will be selected, as a guardian is the sole responsibility of the program director and flight coordinators that decision on a number of factors, such as:

  • How many disabled veterans are scheduled to go?
  • How many will have to be physically assisted getting on and off the bus?
  • Which guardian applicants have the best medical & physical qualifications?
How do you decide which veterans get to go?

Veterans are flown on a “first-come, first-served basis”. Within the applicants, top priority is currently given to World War II veterans and veterans with a terminal illness. The applications are date stamped upon arrival to our office; the Honorees are selected in the order

How are you funded?

Honor Flight New England receives no national, government sponsorship. Our funding comes primarily from individuals and businesses that recognize the service and sacrifices of our veterans. Through generous donations we are able to transport our most senior and or terminally ill veterans on a day that many have described as one of the best days of their life.

Our organization would like to learn more about the Honor Flight program, is there someone available to speak about the program?

Yes, please send an email to or call 603-518-5368 to obtain additional information. .